The Sonic Boom

On the bus, on the train, in the city, during a power walk, on a bike ride, at the gym.
Headphones, headphones are... everywhere.

We are in the middle of a "sonic boom" where people are consuming sound like never before. And your brand should, of course, be a part of it. Book a workshop where we at SonIQ, together with you, explore and discover your brand's "sonic DNA”.

With a mix of your knowledge about your brand combined with over 30 years of our experience and expertise in the sound industry, we will talk about the role of AI, sonic touchpoints and brand positioning. What your brand is and what your brand is not.

Together we create a sonic map that describes how your brand sounds and where you could position your brand in the sonic landscape.

SonIQ - If you can hear it you can feel it.

Welcome to SonIQ.

Sound is a key element in building a strong brand identity. You probably have a strong visual identity, but what does it sound like?
At SonIQ, we create sounds and music that are not just heard, but also felt, and remembered by your target audience.

Why SonIQ?

• Unique Sonic Branding: We create your unique sound identity.

• We produce music, commercials, and sounds for all media: TV, Radio, Social Media, Spotify, Podcasts, Retail, and thus can assist you with all productions on all platforms.

• Shoptalker is our own sensor-driven sound player: Place it in strategic locations in store. Shoptalker detects when someone passes by and then plays "your sound". Influence customers near the point of purchase with sensor-driven sound and ambiences.

• Reliable Partner: Over 30 years of experience in sound and sonic branding.

• Creative Excellence: Strong ideas and award-winning advertising and music productions.

With SonIQ, you get more than just sound. You get a key component for building strong, emotional connections with your audience. Let's create sounds together that are not just heard, but also felt. Choose SonIQ to make sound a strategic asset for your brand.


Original Sounds
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Retail Sound

The Whole World is Listening

The sale of headphones has skyrocketed, and this trend underscores the importance of adapting your brand to the growing digital sound consumption. Creating a unique brand sound with us at SonIQ becomes an investment in tomorrow's soundscape and in your target audience, regardless of how they consume sound.

Worldwide Headphone Sales Growth


Note that these figures are approximate and based on industry reports and forecasts.

Sound Consumption in Sweden

The Five Largest Channels for Sound Consumption:

• Spotify and Other Streaming Services for music and podcasts.

• Radio: Traditional radio and internet radio.

• Podcasts: Increasing popularity of various podcast genres.

• Music Services: Like Apple Music and YouTube Music.

• Audiobooks: Especially popular during travel and commuting.

The Five Most Common Ways to Consume Sound:

• Smartphones: For music, podcasts, and streaming services.

• Computers and Laptops: For work, music, and podcasts.

• Speakers: Stationary BT speakers at home or portable speakers.

• TV and Streaming Devices: For music and sound from movies/series.

• Car Stereo: During travel and commuting.

The Five Most Common Places for Sound Consumption:

• Home: Various rooms, from the living room to the bedroom.

• Car: Especially during commuting.

• Workplace: During work or studies.

• Gym: For exercise and workouts.

• Public Places: In parks, on public transport, etc.

Clients We Work or Have Worked With

Sonic Branding

Sonic branding is the strategic use of sound and music to create a unique identity for a brand or company. It involves creating distinctive sound components, like jingles, theme songs, or sound logos, that are strongly associated with the brand and consistently used in various contexts, such as advertisements, telephone systems, and digital platforms. Sonic branding aims to evoke certain positive emotions, reinforce brand recognition, and establish a strong sound identity that helps differentiate a brand in consumers minds.


Increase Conversion


Accelerate Sales


Improve Engagement

Sonic Touchpoints

Sonic touchpoints is the sonic map where consumers interact with your brand. These touchpoints can include advertisements, websites, mobile apps, social media platforms, retail environments, telephone systems, and more. Sonic branding ensures that carefully designed sound components are integrated at these points to create a cohesive brand experience for consumers. By strategically including sound in these touchpoints, brands can strengthen their identity, evoke emotions, and enhance customer engagement and recognition.


The Science of Sound

The Science of Sound

Our Services


Sound consulting, composition, design & production for Sonic Branding & Sound logos.


Ideation, Casting, Script & Sound for TV & Radio, digital audio Advertising.


Sonic nudges & experiential sounds for retail & spaces with ShopTalker™.


Interactive & experiential sounds for e-com, web & in-app.

We are dreamers.doers.different.passionate!

We are SoniQ Sound as a Service, Sweden.

Work with us.

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